With a "poof" sound, Roye puffed out all the wine in his mouth, and then coughed violently. But the size of the world is just large enough. After that, Yang's heart is full of sadness. "How could she know about you cold Phoenix people?" Chen yuanxiong heard Fang Chenyu and Lei qianpeng's singing and echoing. The green tendons on hi "It is estimated that in less than five years, Jiuquan will become a strong economic city in the pro Yue Fei rode his horse down and followed them. "If you don't sneak attack, I can't do it. This field has a great impact on my strength. If Tianya also sneered and said, "have you forgotten the fact that there are only three creators now?" But now he doesn't care about distraction. The strength of both sides is almost the same. Once there is a war, the people below will die more. If bilasu starts the auction as scheduled, it will be too late! First doctor's dormitory downstairs, Shi Lei drives back to Jingya garden. "Kill... Those who invade our territory, kill!" Ying Huanhuan also sat down next to her, holding her knees in her slender hands, and whispered, "if Those who fly out of the city, see this scene is shaking his head low sigh, Zichen does not enter th "The Lord of Jiuyang hall is polite and polite!" As a member of such a handsome, skillful and mysterious national organization, Shangguan Xu naturall

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