Song Yuqi promised to come down and worried: "then you should be careful." After writing the address, he deliberately left a note on the table, saying that he would not come b If these businessmen do not give them some lessons, give them some color to see, let them sober up, Jing Tian said, "it's a little help for you." Seeing the blood, Yang Kai was full of disappointment. The two men looked at each other and understood that Ruimu must have imposed a "wooden armor curse" Looking at the scene in front of him, Tang Xuan had no way but to hold on to it! In that case, in the absence of any goal, it was more than ten times more troublesome than he had im Tianmeng is determined to find out who is behind the scenes. Gradually, he finds that Zhao Yun's Xiao Feng's heart trembled. He knew how much courage it took to say such words from Lin Lin' The Rajput have been fighting with the omanians in the desert. Although they have won many victories Song Chunmei successfully let the ship start. Under the control of song Chunmei, the ship of the sea Both the wife and the children can enjoy the proportion of cultivation time of Tang Chun emperor tem See green Qie eye show contented color, Chen Haoran which still don't know oneself is by this pr On this day, it took Yang half a day to harvest three pieces of ethereal crystal and a not so good m Jiang Cheng can't help but fly away. "Doom strike: passive skill, 22% chance to put the enemy into a state of doom, all attributes reduce Thinking that he had foolishly tied up the flaming lion, Wang had the heart to die.

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