In the demon hall, Murong Yu and the goddess sit opposite each other. Now, Chen Shang's attitude has been very clear, but he said that he was willing to help. His pur "This person's technique, more and more powerful..." Ding Hao was shocked. "Ah? No? Murongyu killed a congenital expert?" Of course, maybe they don't have the idea of "die hard" in their hearts, but who knows if other After all, Madame he is a woman's family. She has made this scene. At the beginning of the day, Huang Juan recovered. Li Yunxiao's pupils shrank. Although the little runes were like scriptures, they were not. "Yes, yes, Yue Chong. Let's see how David is. He's a good CEO in a multinational company. Th Ye Jingyun light said, ye Chu some strange: "you don't plan to be the master?" Schuller was stunned. He felt that Downton was arrogant and had some strength, but he never expected An old man of half step kingdom said, this man is just a master of array. As a master of array, he i This together is hundreds of years of love, whether it is people, or bright moon wolf, are not easy, On the other side of the United States, Roosevelt also received news that Wang Ching Wei was going t Lin Mo claps his hands and throws the pistol back into the talent space of silver dragon eggs. What This is her mission, the oath she once swore to protect with her life This is the home of Liusheng family, the base camp! "I think our brothers in Tianmen are a family! I don't want anyone to give me problems at this t

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